About Me



I am a mother of 3; former teacher of Philosophy and Ethics; writer of poetry, ramblings and musings on life; friend to an elite selection of only the best examples of humanity; lover of books; composer of songs; amateur artist (emphasis on amateur); owner of the sexiest flowery walking stick you’ll ever set eyes on…Oh and I also happen to have Multiple Sclerosis. A small but occasionally relevant snippet of information.



7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello 🙂 Thanks again for visiting my blog. You must know your subjects well if you are teaching them, unfortunately I am not the best Ethics students but I have a basic overview. Thats a great idea that you write revision songs, I remember once having to come up with a song about the Cherokee Indian tribe and get groups of kids singing it. It was fun but hard work! I’m sorry you have Multiple Sclerosis, I hope it doesn’t cause too much aggravation in your life. Tony.

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